Product Highlight

Barracuda® Shaver System

High quality arthroscopic shaver system controlled via handpiece or via footswitch. Featuring extremely efficient and robust handpiece characterized by ergonomic and compact construction. Designed to complete the procedure precisely at the minimal trauma level.


  • Wide range of rotational speed
  • Window calibration feature
  • Available direction modes: forward, oscillation, reverse
  • Nine oscillation modes
  • Automatic handpiece detection
  • Controlled directly via buttons on the handpiece or via footswitch
  • Fully autoclavable, light and ergonomic handpiece
  • Dedicated shaver blades


  • Unique handpiece head design - easy, effcient and reliable cleaning and desinfection process
  • Sophisticated oscillation modes to meet requirements of the most demanding operators
  •  Smooth and stable work within the entire range of rotational speed
  • Single-use and reusable shaver blades with uniquely designed hub eliminating problematic articulation effect
  • Large and clear user interface - facilitates instant reading of essential parameters
  • On-screen display - presentation of signifcant parameters on the medical monitor
  • Ergonomic handpiece with buttons for comfortable holding and operating

You can find further information about the Barracuda Shaver System in our video.