Service Highlight

Body-Box test cabin: Research & Development at Dastex

As a service, Dastex offers its customers and suppliers testing/measuring of the particle retention capacity of cleanroom garments under practical conditions

The Body-Box enables standardised, reproducible test series to be carried out to determine the barrier properties of reusable and disposable clothing components or entire systems in terms of particle and germ emissions in cleanliness-controlled areas. 
The Body-Box is requalified at regular intervals.

Dastex is currently the only operator worldwide who, in addition to measuring airborne particles, can also quantitatively record airborne microbiological contamination online.

We provide you with well-founded values regarding the efficiency in terms of particle retention of garments:

  • before market launch
  • for model selection prior to a project 
  • for testing the ageing resistance of a reusable textile after multiple decontaminations

Our service around the Body-Box increases your process and product quality as well as your market reputation.