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Cable & tubing solutions for medical devices

We develop and supply custom-made products optimized for medical device manufacturers' diverse requirements. At the base of each product type lies an extremely thin stainless steel wire rope.


ACT ONE - cable tubes possess a high maximum torque and high torque transmission compared to polymer braided tubes. They also feature higher kink resistance and flexibility compared to hypo tubes. ACT ONE cable tubes are applied to a wide variety of minimally invasive and interventional devices within Cardiology, Peripheral, Neurology, Oncology, Orthopedics, and Endoscopy.

Torque coil - is a highly flexible coil consisting of multiple layers with very fine wires, which makes the coil ideal for high-speed rotation in very tortuous routings or anatomies. Typical applications are for IVUS, OCT catheter or atherectomy device.

Wire coil - Asahi's round and flat wire coils have great compression resistance and excellent flexibility properties, making them ideal for endoscopic, medical robotics, distal guidewire components. Typical applications are, for example, endoscopic clips and protective flexible tubes with internal pull wires.

Torque hypotube - Asahi's Hypotube incorporates two core technologies – wire drawing and torque transmission augmentation. Ideal for a medical application that requires excellent compression resistance, kink resistance, shape recovery characteristics, and remarkable 1 to 1 torque characteristics.

Drive cable - flexible shaft offers high torque force and excellent rotational performance during high-speed rotation, Designed for transmitting power or rotary motion through obstructed or curved path, either between fixed shafts or shafts having relative movement.

Torque rope - regular wire ropes have reduced torque transmission. Our internal technologies make it possible to achieve 1:1 torque transmission. Well-known applications are endoscopic clips, forceps, and other devices that require high flexibility with precise torque transmission.

The Inner tube - is designed for internal coating applied to hollow cable tubes like ACT ONE, Torque coil, or Wire coil for adding lubricity, chemical isolation, or surface preparation to the inside of the hollow cable. Ideal for applications requires lumen lubricity, sealing, or chemical resistance, for customers developing a delivery system.

Outer coating - a stainless steel cable assembly may be sprayed, dipped, or extruded with PTFE, Nylon, and other coatings for your particular abrasion-resistance, lubricity, low coefficient of friction, and long-term durability requirements. Asahi Intecc can precisely mask the ends of the coated stainless steel cable assemblies to attach various in-house iron (FE), stainless steel (SUS, SS), Aluminum (AL), Copper (Cu), and other metallic finishes.

Precoating - by forming PTFE precoated fine wires, fully coated each filar add excellent lubricity to both inside and outside of cable without losing the property of the cable. This processing applied to one layer hollow cable like ACT ONE or Wire coil. 


Machining & Assembly

Auger - we can set additional filar on our cables and tubes to create additional transportation function. 

Laser welding - it is possible to weld different kind of materials by laser welding.

End treatment

Laser - we can unite individual filars into one end by laser welding

L-grinding process - with high precision grinding process, it can create L-shaped at the end of cables and tubes. This shape helps to connect the end to other components.




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