Product Highlight

Comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation at a distance

The EHO-MINI Rehabilitation device enables comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation at a distance to be carried out in home conditions. Can optionally serve to locate patients (GPS) and create patient safe zones (geofencing).

The EHO-MINI Rehabilitation device is the high-class medical device designed to registration and wirelessly transmit 3-channel ECG records in the process of cardiac rehabilitation. The device is intended mainly for personal use (at patient's home), but it can also be used in outpatient settings. The device is simple to operate and it does not require additional medical training of the user. All operating modes are signaled by two different means - using colored lights and audible signals. ECG registration takes place in manual (event) and automatic mode (during a rehabilitation session). 



  • Patients after medical incidents and hospitalization



  • Highly precise measurements
  • Small size and weight of the equipment (100 g)
  • Automatic transfer of data to the cardiac supervision centre
  • Built-in battery which can be recharged by a charger attached to the set
  • Lowest market price
  • Optionally: direct voice communication – the equipment can be used to hold phone conversations with a doctor or supervisory unit, because it has a built-in loud-voice set and a GSM modem