Showcase Swiss Medtech Expo 2021

Contract Manufacturing of components and complete devices

"Creating better internal flexibility", "concentrate on own core competences", "benefit from the experience of an production and assembling specialist" - these are the most important arguments when customers of WILD want to outsource production.

The WILD Group is skilled in the quick, efficient and flexible integration of complex product outsourcing projects into its manufacturing process. The technology partner does not shy away from taking on all associated tasks at extremely short notice in order to take off pressure from its customers. These tasks include adjusted commissioning systems, a stable material supply or the optimisation of existing products. The production transfer management system process also plays an essential role in outsourcing. The respective project team meticulously works its way through well-proven checklists, enabling it to plan and implement all necessary details in the areas of supply chain, assembly, material supply, infrastructure, tools and resources, as well as training etc. As a result, it is possible to rapidly and efficiently develop know-how for new products in the company, thus taking off pressure from the customer‘s manufacturing capacities.