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Our society is developing rapidly. People are getting older, medical care is becoming more expensive, diseases are becoming more complex. Find out why it is worthwhile to push technological development and how you can establish the Internet of Medical Things sustainably.

Quo vadis IoMT - an outlook

Younger generations - digital natives - will have a different connection to the handling of data and networked systems. The keyword here is the quantified self: the interest in data about yourself and the attempt to optimize it. In healthcare too, data will become the new (health) currency. Applications and therapies will improve through larger, continuously expanding and available databases. And as is not uncommon in the digital world, new market participants can also be expected in the field of medical technology. Google, Microsoft, and Apple already offer their own applications for electronic patient files. Depending on the planned expansions and intended use, they can suddenly become powerful new marketers for medical devices, which with a sophisticated technology portfolio in the field of IoMT can depend on and even make medical technology companies disappear.


Requirements for the spread of IoMT technology

In order to establish the Internet of Medical Things sustainably, there are a few basic requirements:

  • Networking between service providers and Medtech companies: The collaboration enables the transfer and analysis of data and thus process optimization.
  • Interaction between patients, service providers, and insurance companies: Devices are designed for a specific purpose. By collecting data from networked devices, the health status of a patient is diagnosed more precisely, processes are improved by the provider and thus better products are built.
  • Merging medical technology and health care IT: Different data silos in health facilities and at manufacturers must be linked.
  • Analyze data to create the basis for decision-makers - including monetization: Data collection only makes sense for subsequent analysis. The linking of device data and associated treatment information and their analysis is central to process optimization, improved treatment, and cost reduction.
  • Cost reduction and improved treatment results through new and improved services: A changed understanding of values ​​among manufacturers and the consequent processing of the collected data result in new services related to improved patient well-being. As a result, Medtech companies can sometimes become service providers within healthcare.


konplan and the Internet of Medical Things

We at konplan are also noticing that new companies are emerging around new technologies and their applications in medical technology. Solutions in the field of AI and image analysis are aimed at new paths and innovative IoMT systems appear on the market, in which devices continuously send data to mobile apps or platforms located on the Internet. When it comes to networking and offering device data from other devices in connection with clinical studies, there is no networking idea yet or the service providers do not (yet!) allow this.

As experts in the development of mechatronic systems, we understand what it means to develop IoMT-capable products. About our skills in the area of ​​development from embedded software to the provision of e.g., We run web apps running on Microsoft Azure, we are able to make devices IoMT capable, to develop mobile apps for common platforms for end-users and to provide the most associated web platforms for data storage. It goes without saying that we efficiently verify such solutions according to ISO 13485. All documents, including the verification documents, are created and supplied as part of the mechatronic development for the approval file.

We are ready for the Internet of Medical Things and are available to our customers and interested parties at any time.

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