Development competence - innovative packaging

In the showcase you will receive inputs on method competence and development of innovative packaging in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry. The holistic examination of high barrier packaging is just as much a topic as the modern damage analysis of pharmaceutical high barrier system.

Development competence - innovative packaging

High barrier packaging, as frequently used in the pharmaceutical industry, is used to protect particularly sensitive products. Such packaging is often designed according to theoretical criteria. The packaging often experiences very different stresses or is exposed to extreme conditions in practical everyday life until the product is used.

The holistic investigation of a barrier packaging with a focus on the prediction of the barrier properties as well as the damage analysis in case of leaks was illustrated using the example of a high barrier tubular bag system.

Using physical analysis methods, defects in the product were analyzed and their influence on the barrier was illustrated using numerical simulation. The failure analysis by means of simulation and physical investigations showed that the tubular bag had a significantly deeper barrier than the originally theoretically designed barrier in the expected practical everyday life due to various damages. This results in a massive shortening of the shelf-life or potential damage to the pharmaceutical product.

The simulation of product properties and processes with real boundary conditions is an efficient method in the field of packaging development to shorten or even replace complex tests. The development process can be accelerated and the safety of the market launch can be increased by calculating the service life of products or optimizing processes and products.

The simulation is supported by material tests as well as physical and chemical analysis methods, e.g. for the description of material properties, in the context of damage analysis or validation of the simulation.