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Efficient & Secure Clinical Data/Real World Data collection

GoResearch™ - a fully validated, cutting edge internet platform for electronic data capture (EDC) with the use of individually customized case report forms (eCRF). Designed with data quality and security, as well as great user experience principles in mind.

GoResearch™ is a fully validated, innovative internet platform for electronic data capture (EDC) created by 2KMM for research projects such as clinical/observational studies and patients registries. It offers a wide range of features supporting such projects in various areas such as:

  • data collection with the use of individually customized case report forms (eCRF) to meet the requirements of each study
  • configuration of the information flow and the Adverse Events management procedures (including automatic e-mail notifications to safety departments)
  • random allocation to a treatment arm through the built-in randomization module
  • real-time validation of the registered data (Edit Checks)
  • full tracking of data modifications (Audit Trail)
  • management of queries with an option of automatic query generation
  • Source Data Verification (SDV)
  • ePRO, eSource and mHealth data integration through dedicated mobile and/or web applications or flexible application programming interface (API).

Internet technology employed in the GoResearch™ enables to achieve high efficiency of studies while, at the same time, granting a comfortable use and data security. The most important advantages of such a solution are:

  • high accessibility of services
  • centralized data and data security management
  • flexible access to data without any location or software restrictions.

GoResearch™ meets all industry standards applicable to such systems, including regulatory requirements of FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 and specific areas of GCP regarding electronic data.


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