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Fluid Pump

A medical fluid pump designed to deliver fluid under a given pressure to an operating area. Devices dedicated to arthroscopic, hysteroscopic and urologic surgeries. Controlled by a control unit panel or a remote controller. Used with disposable and day-use tubing sets.


• A very precise callibration of the measuring system through LEVEL function
• FLUSH function for an efficient rinsing of an operating area
• Non-volatile memory of the last settings
• Three working modes of the Universal Fluid Pump
• Acoustic and visual alerts ensuring correct tubing installation
• Optional control by a remote controller
• Big and clear display and an intuitive menu
• Esthetic and modern design

Available types

• Universal Fluid Pump (PV-5201AUH)
• Fluid Pump for Arthroscopy (PV-5201A)
• Fluid Pump for Urology (PV-5201U)
• Fluid Pump for Hysteroscopy (PV-5201H)


You can find more information here.

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