FOBA White Paper: Laser Marking of Plastics and Resins

FOBA's 16-page whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of the applications of plastics in medical technology and the automotive industry. It focuses on the specifics of laser marking methods and processes and the material requirements of plastics.

Plastics are used in all industries. The versatility of the material, its relatively low cost and constant new developments make it a universal material. Plastics are proving to be enormously efficient, especially in medical technology and automotive engineering, and are establishing technological trends. The choice of the plastic to be used is based on its functional purpose and its intended use. The requirements for its marking are as varied as the nature of the plastics. The quality of the marking is not only determined by the type of the selected laser etching system and the utilized marking parameters, but also by the selection of special additives in the plastic mix.

Patient safety, hygiene and biocompatibility, versatility and robustness or facilitation of patient care – these are just a few of the buzzwords that illustrate the many advantages of plastics for medical applications. In addition to the care and treatment of patients, the areas of application mainly include the use of plastics as a raw material for the manufacture of medical instruments and devices as well as implants.

For laser marking plastic surfaces, it depends on the wavelength of the selected laser system and the properties of the plastics, different marking effects are achieved. Suitable laser systems are CO₂, fiber and other solid state lasers. Thanks to targeted parameter settings, marking results can be influenced already during job setup. The aim is to produce the best possible legible marking in the shortest possible time. For optimum contrast, the laser beam must be so intense that it causes a clear color change but no burning of the material.

Whitepaper: Free Download

Learn more about the areas of application of plastics in medical, the requirements and options for its marking and the technical specifications in FOBA's white paper. It is here available for free download.

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