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Hood-goggles combinations

These Hood-goggles combinations are innovative eye slit hoods for use in GMP zones A and B as well as in cleanrooms. This unique product from Dastex is particularly adaptable and easy to use.

One of the most frequently discussed points of a cleanroom clothing system for use in sterile areas is certainly the safety goggles respectively goggles prescribed in Annex 1  (EU GMP guidelines). Undoubtedly, these are not a blessing from the point of view of wearing comfort. From a cleanroom point of view, however, they are a clothing element that has its justification.

The fact that beard hairs and hairs on the scalp have to be covered is understandable for everyone, but consequently also eyelashes and eyebrows together with the corresponding skin areas. From the user‘s point of view, however, it should be noted that these goggles are uncomfortable to wear in most cases.
Relevant decision criteria
• fit
• field of view (as unrestricted as possible)
• anti-fogging properties
• no impairment of visual acuity
• simple application
• secured covering of all still open skin areas in the face
On closer inspection, it is noticeable that the last two bullet points are directly related to the protective hood worn. In particular, ensuring that there are no open areas of skin on the face after the goggles are put on, depends equally on the shape of the goggles and of the hood.
In terms of handling, it is important to offer the wearer a solution that makes the dressing procedure as simple as possible. At the same time, the residual risk of additional contamination during the dressing procedure should be minimised as far as possible. If pressure points on the face can also be reduced in this context, this is a positive side effect.
Dastex has addressed this problem and developed a combination of hood and goggles that takes the above decision criteria into account. The aim was to be able to offer a proposal of solution for almost every hood/goggles combination, i.e. to design a concerted headgear with different fields of vision for the most common safety goggles models.
A special hood shape is shown in Fig. 1.
This product was selected by Red Dot as innovative product winner 2020!
All the necessary aspects have been incorporated into this development to harmonise cleanroom requirements with wearing comfort requirements. Figures 2 and 3 show other selectable, available hood models.
The adaptable and easy handling of the hoods is crucial
With just two „clicks“ and pulling on two straps, the goggles fit tightly and at the same time the circumference of the hood is adjusted accordingly, see Fig. 4. Without the wearer having to touch the hood and goggles again, our user-friendly solution makes conventional goggle straps – which often press or slip – unnecessary.
Since goggles are sometimes the last components of the cleanroom clothing system to be put on before entering the cleanroom, handling with the buckles and straps of our hoods – even when fully assembled – is easy.
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