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A customer produces individual suture sets. To optimise the handling of these sets, we developed a new type of multi-chamber pouch that offers the possibility of individually expanding the chamber width of the pouch. This means that even products of different sizes can be accommodated together.

In addition to aseptic sampling, the handling and space requirements of the medical products used also play a decisive role in the operating room. In order to optimise the procedures here, prefabricated sets are often used, which contain all the necessary materials for the planned procedure.

Suture sets in particular contain a variety of different suture materials. These not only have a different size, they also vary greatly in width. This makes it difficult to ensure the exact order of materials in the set in a single pouch. Negative effects on handling during an operation cannot be ruled out in this way, since, for example, the required suture material must first be searched for within the set.

Until now, a so-called register was used in practice. This consisted of several multi-chamber pouches and additional single pouches at the end of the register. These individual pouches were able to accommodate the suture materials that would not fit in the multi-chamber pouch due to their width. 

VP Medical Packaging’s task was now to develop a way to perfectly sequence the suture materials within a set, but without changing factors such as the outer packaging of the suture set. This meant that alternatives such as form fill seal packaging were ruled out from the outset, as they would have required numerous changes to the periphery of the product.

At VP Medical Packaging, we developed a multi-chamber pouch that offers the possibility of expanding the chamber width individually. 

This allows any order of suture materials in the set and also eliminates the need for additional individual pouches. 

This solution approach was realised on the basis of the development of a novel sealing tool. The sealing tool offers our customer the possibility to expand the chamber width of the pouch at any position.