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Internet of Things and application development

You would like to extend your medical devices with sensors and transfer the acquired data to the Internet? We help you with the entire implementation of this embedded system and make sure it works perfectly.

What does Internet of Things and Embedded Systems mean?

In the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors are embedded in objects (things) that are connected to the Internet. The goal is to automate and optimize processes. Different physical devices, sensors and other assets can be networked to make previously unused information available.

The intelligent extensions of the data available in the real world support people in their daily work by initiating necessary actions ("The machine must be serviced soon") or preventing unnecessary expenditure ("Cooling does not have to be switched on due to falling outside temperatures"). The goals of applications based on IoT include improving performance, automating production steps or optimizing products (function, service life).


How can Internet of Things and Embedded Systems help?


Two known applications of IoT are:


  • Partial medicine or remote monitoring: The (cheaper and more efficient) collection and storage of statistical data and the retrieval of data via network access
    • This makes it possible to carry out remote monitoring of patients with chronic diseases (e.g. remote examinations).


  • Preventive maintenance: By collecting operating data, maintenance cycles are defined and more effective productivity is achieved
    • The Internet of Things can help to identify and avoid health problems at an early stage. This is done e.g. by sensors in wearable fitness wristbands or portable measuring devices.



Our wealth of experience in the Internet of Things

Our experts are familiar with the challenges of using sensors in mechanical medical devices. In recent years, we have already successfully helped customers achieve greater efficiency and transparency by networking devices with the Internet.

As part of the EU research project, konplan has developed its own Bluetooth device that can be controlled with an app. In addition, we linked various devices, Android applications, cloud services and PC applications under Windows and Linux to form a complete system for monitoring and evaluating vital data. Our own Continuous Integration environment has supported us significantly: Android emulators and automated UI tests on them ensure that the system functions quickly and reliably after every code change.



Our competences in the field of IoT & Embedded Systems

Konplan is familiar with application scenarios, technologies and suppliers of platforms and components and can also contribute the necessary knowledge in medical technology.

Konplan not only offers the realization of the actual cloud solution, but also develops, programs and integrates hardware on request.

Medical care can already be improved today through digitalization - the importance of intelligent networks will continue to grow in the coming years and decades. Examples can be found in home care (Ambient Assisted Living, AAL), diagnostics or process optimization for optimal patient care.



What you can expect from us:


  • Short time to market: Not only the use of new technologies, but also a fast and smooth process is important to us - we ensure a rapid product launch of your new applications.


  • State of the Art: TDD, Clean Code, CI and MQTT are no foreign words to us - we know what we are doing.



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