Kove - A Solution for Fetoscopy

The USZ research team has developed a procedure to reduce the number of premature births following a minimally invasive procedure. The application device developed with QUO shows the way to a solution in fetoscopy.

In the unborn child, examinations or treatments are performed minimally invasive with a fetoscope. However, this procedure leads to a premature birth again and again, because a small hole of about 3-4 mm remains in the uterine membrane, which does not close by itself and leads to premature birth in 80% of the cases.

The USZ team has developed a technique that glues the hole in the uterine membrane from the
inside. To place the glue in place, a metal screen and membrane should be placed on the inside of the uterus using an application system.

This demonstrator, realized by QUO, will be used by the research group for the further development of the system (screen, glue), for ex-vivo examinations as well as handling tests. Based on the findings, the application device will be detailed and expanded in a later step to carry out clinical studies (in-vivo, with animals, possibly humans).

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