MEDPUR-Product Range

Packaging made of MEDPUR film protects sharp-edged, highly polished or even products with rough surfaces from abrasion and contamination until shortly before use.

MEDPUR - Standard Packaging for Sharp-Edged and Scratch-Sensitive Products

Our challenge is to find suitable packaging for sharp-edged products. As a system-supplier for medical packaging we offer the solution:

Packaging made of MEDPUR (Polyurethane) protects sharp-edged products and products with high-gloss polish or rough finish against abrasion and contamination until shortly before their use. 

Damage to the product and its sterile packaging is prevented by the all-round protection. 

MEDPUR Packaging is manufactured under clean room conditions ISO 8. 

Sterilization can be performed with gamma sterilization up to 50 KGray and ETO sterilization.

Standard range is being expanded constantly. Special sizes can also be produced on request.