Mobile app that digitises the human blood samples workflow

70% of all problems in diagnostics occur in the pre-analytic phase. Read how a German startup from Munich plans to revolutionize the blood collection process with smart technology and how Revolve Healthcare has helped to achieve this.

Medical labs are fully automized and digitized. However, 70% of all problems in diagnostics occur in the pre-analytic phase. S4DX from Germany has focused on digitalizing the pre-analytic stage from the process of collecting until analytics. The system composes of a sample check-in device, a smart tube, a data analytics platform, and a mobile application.


One of the areas S4DX decided to digitalize was blood samples registration at the point of collection. They needed technology that would help to register the blood sample once the blood has been collected and then send the information to the lab right away. They lack additional software engineering expertise to build the technology themselves.


The solution is a mobile application for the Android platform used by medical workers after they collect the blood sample from the patient. They scan the barcode on the blood sample and send the information to the S4DX data analytics platform. The mobile app was designed and built by Revolve over a 3 months period and 100% remotely.

Remote app development - how to do it right?

We have applied agile methodology and use a mix of Scrum and Kanban (Scrumban) to manage the project. We had daily internal meetings that lasted for 15 minutes and live online demos of the finished milestones usually every week for the S4DX Team. 

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