Mobile spirometry for asthma patients in Switzerland

An RWD- (Real World Data) asthma patients study. An eCRF with real time integration of patients' mobile applications providing direct data acquisition from dedicated electronic questionnaires and connected mobile spirometers (mHealth devices).

The goal of the study was to extend patients' eCRF clinical information available at research sites with patients' reported outcome (ePRO) questionnaires and spirometry measurements performed twice a day at home. For this purpose every patient was equipped with a mobile spirometer. A dedicated mobile application collects spirometry measurements and patient's answers to electronic questionnaires questions and transfers them in real time to the eCRF central database.

The study data is being collected on the GoResearch™ EDC environment, which constists of following technologies:

  • GoResearch™ eCRF platform
  • GoResarch™ Patient mobile application (iOS, Android)
  • GoInsights™ web application
  • GoResearch™ API

Although patients are able to use their own smartphones, employed technologies guarantee their full anonimity and data security



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