Mosquito repellent through portable thunderstorms

The revolutionary mosquito repellent wearable Nopixgo® offers lasting protection through portable thunderstorms - instead of chemicals. NopixGlobal is partnering with Iftest for the production of the wearable electronics in high volumes.

Inventor and physicist Kurt Stoll witnessed the effect of malaria on children and was driven to research a new approach to mosquito prevention. It quickly became clear that instead of chemical mechanisms, he had to research the evolutionary properties of mosquitoes to find an effective yet non-toxic solution against annoying and often dangerous mosquito bites.

How Nopixgo works: portable thunderstorms

When a mosquito notices a thunderstorm approaching, to ensure its survival, its primary focus is self-protection, and therefore it will avoid biting, and will behave in an overly passive way. These thunderstorms are sensed from afar because of the changes in electromagnetic fields and atmospheric discharges and an instinct rooted in the mosquito DNA then triggers this natural protective reaction. High-tech electronics within Nopixgo mimic these stimuli, reducing the risk of mosquito bites without the use of chemicals, up to a radius of two meters. Unlike traditional repellents, mosquitos will not acclimatize to the Nopixgo, and the emitted waves and signals are proven to be harmless to humans and animals. In fact, the signal is 100 times lower than that of a smartphone.


Positive customer experiences worldwide

Three years ago, entrepreneur Richard Karlsson discovered Kurt Stoll’s patented invention, recognized its potential and founded NopixGlobal AG, which owns the exclusive worldwide product sales license. Demand for the wearable continues to grow thanks to its considerable advantages compared to other repellents. It’s ease of use, lack of chemicals and high efficiency continues to impress wearers worldwide and their positive experiences have led to a rapidly growing customer base.


Iftest know-how enables Nopixgo product optimization

NopixGlobal AG needed an EMS service provider which could produce the wearable electronics for Nopixgo in high volumes and with impeccable quality to meet customer demand. Iftest not only guaranteed this but also partnered with Nopixgo to drive product optimization and ultimately improve the wearables efficiency. Iftest’s extensive expertise in electronics design and wearables as well as their proven track record in the industrialization and mass production of smartwatch electronics, used in many renowned Swiss watch brands, was an excellent match for the innovative company.

NopixGlobal CEO, Richard Karlsson, says: “Iftest provides us with a single point of contact in every area, from customer service, to strategic purchasing, development and mass production – and the team responds quickly to our needs. Optimizing the design in cooperation with Iftest enabled us to achieve a 30% increase in Nopixgo performance. Iftest continues to offer excellent support, especially in specific areas such as the selection of components where product cost and availability is important. All in all, Iftest is the perfect partner for NopixGlobal. ”

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