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MS8891 "Human Body Detector"

The MS889X-series are capacitive sensors and switches that have been specifically developed for use in “Wearables“. When the MS889X functions as a switch, an external sensor capacitance is compared to a programmed threshold to detect whether the external value lies above or below the threshold.

MS8891 "Human Body Detector"

  • Two channel capacitive sensor
  • Capacitance measurement or switch mode
  • Measures up to 1.6pF
  • Versatile: autonomous operation or I2C with MCU
  • Fully operable at 725nA
  • Voltage range 1.8 to 4.5V
  • Small, simple, easy to configure and to integrate



  • Human Body Detection (e.g. “In-ear phones“ or finger detector)
  • Wrist detection (e.g. wearables or medical wearables)
  • Fluid detection (e.g. coffee machine)
  • Proximity sensor
  • Proximity switch
  • Touch switch

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