One stop shop for novel scin cancer therapy

OncoBeta offers a novel therapy for white skin cancer. In contrast to the usual procedure, the treatment is not surgical or thermal, but by means of a beta radiator. GBN Systems was OncoBeta's one-stop shop from initial ideas to approval as a medical product.

Novel theraphy for white skin cancer

OncoBeta Rhenium-SCT ™ (SCT stands for "skin cancer therapy") is a promising novel therapy of OcoBeta GmbH against white skin cancer, above all, from nonmelanoma basal cell carcinomas.

The major advantage is that it is a noninvasive and temporary treatment. For the short time of about two hours, a special liquid, which is mixed with the radioisotope rhenium-188, is applied to the affected skin region purely externally and locally.

A thin, medical film ensures that the radioactive fluid does not get in direct contact with the skin and that it can be removed easily and cleanly. The beta radiation of the radioisotope produces a promising healing effect.

This therapy thus offers clear advantages over the partly protracted and often painful, current treatment forms.

GBN Systems is the development and production partner of today's Onco Beta GmbH.


Services of GBN Systems:

  • Accompanying the entire development of the therapy with the necessary technical know-how, from the initial ideas and concepts, through prototypes and experiments to the admission as a medical product.
  • Over a period of more than two years, the inter- disciplinary and international team has worked closely with the client's specialists.
  • The professional handling of all technical questions, and the use of solutions for the frequently occurring challenging tasks and problems, to relieve the client.
  • Special, ergonomic user interface design
  • From development to production everything from one hand and a roof united. Experts and developers process the corresponding measures directly into the project.
  • Not least this project has made us radiation protection experts. We therefore see ourselves as specialists for such topics. But we are also interested in other tricky tasks. We look forward to your challenge!

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