Product Highlight

Palletizing in the pharmaceutical industry

The SCHUNK 2-finger parallel gripper grips upper parts of inhalers from the workpiece carrier and palletizes them. No retooling is necessary and the workpieces are not deformed by the very sensitive gripping (min. 5 N).

Handling of inhaler parts

The servo-electric 2-finger parallel gripper with sensitive gripping force control grips upper parts of inhalers from the workpiece carrier and palletizes them. Due to the broad stroke, different diameters can be handled with one gripper. The control automatically detects which workpiece has been gripped via the position of the fingers and automatically places it on the correct pallet.


Customer benefit

  • Gripping force control for sensitive gripping of sensitive workpieces
    Broad stroke for flexible workpiece handling
  • Complete integration of control and power electronics for setting up a decentralized control system
  • Versatile control options for easy integration into existing control concepts via Ethernet TCP/IP, PROFIBUS-DP or PROFINET
  • Integrated plug connectors in the base jaws for connecting the optionally available extension fingers with built-in strain gauges for direct internal force control
  • Integrated web server for parameterization and diagnostics with any standard web browser
  • Integrated memory card for storage of parameters, documentation and value transfer during gripper exchange, available for sizes 32 and 50


Field of application

Universally applicable, highly flexible gripper with a large variety of parts and sensitive components in a clean working environment.


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