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PEEK tubing brought into shape

PEEK is one of the high-performance plastics, and not without reason. High chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance at high temperatures up to 300°C, high strength at low density make this material interesting for many applications in the analytics/diagnostics industry.

KonMed has specialized in the processing of PEEK. Thus PEEK hoses of any diameter can be processed even in small quantities. From smallest dimensions such as outside diameter 0.4 mm (ID 0.2) up to larger pipes any design can be realized from a single-lumen tube up to a multi-lumen tube.

KonMed brings the PEEK into any shape, provides it with end elements such as thermally formed flarings or sprayed-on connectors according to customer requirements. Different hose types are packaged directly into sets to simplify customer assembly.

There is a large sample stock, which allows developers to carry out initial tests without great effort.
Curious? Inform yourself at our booth!

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