Perfectly prepared thanks to your personal to-do list

Your personal to-do list enables you to prepare the perfect visit to the Medtech Expo. Make a note of the exhibitors, speeches, showcases and product/service highlights to ensure that you don’t overlook or miss out on anything at the exhibition.

The exhibitors at Medtech Expo will present innovative solutions for your projects and challenges. These solutions are often very complex and it is not easy to find the right solution for your needs simply by walking past the booths. It is therefore of benefit to review the content of the Medtech Expo in advance and prepare your visit. Your personal to-do list on the Swiss Medtech Expo website will help you.

You can take your list with you in PDF format when you visit the exhibition and make personal notes of your impressions and the information you gather. You can of course access your to-do list using your smartphone. Free Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the exhibition venue.

Each exhibitor showcase at the exhibition has a QR code, so adding an interesting solution to your to-do list is quick and easy.

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