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Personalised health care - Solutions for our future

Digital Health - Biotech - Diagnostics. CSEM develops technologies for these key areas and transfers them to the industrial sector. This paves the way towards personlised health care.

CSEM is a Swiss partner for technology development for industry. The company is not-for-profit and is run as a "public-private" partnership. CSEM enables its industrial clients to innovate through the use of cutting-edge technology, and it also creates start-ups itself. In this way it strengthens the Swiss economy. Around 550 people work on future topics, one focus area is around life sciences and health.


Digital Health

Medical wearables are devices worn on the body with the purpose of collecting health data. This data is forwarded to connected devices (such as computers or smartphones) or to service providers via Internet, therefore providing continuous monitoring of one’s health condition and access to personalised medical services. For this purpose, medical wearables combine integrated sensors, actuators, processors and interfaces to collect, process and share data. 

The challenges for wearables - especially those that comply with medical standards - are increasing. CSEM supports the medical technology industry in the development of new concepts and products with its 40 years of expertise in microelectronics and technology with a focus on miniaturisation, energy efficiency, artificial intelligence and in accordance with the guidelines of the ISO-13485 standards. 



The CSEM is involved in biotechnology: the keywords here are "organ-on-chip" (OoC) systems, organoids and also "tissue engineering", i.e. the production and handling of biological or nature-mimicking tissues. Such technologies are mainly used in drug development and also in regenerative medicine. CSEM research integrates microtechnologies for future generations of complex in vitro models and tissues. Multidisciplinary collaboration between biologists and engineers is essential. In this field, CSEM supports industry in the development of new OoC systems as building blocks in healthcare.



Diagnostics should be as gentle and fast as possible, but also provide precise information on health status or the control of a therapy. This diagnostics directly on the patient - "point-of-care diagnostics" (POCD) - is an important building block for personalising treatment. CSEM provides technology for such minimally invasive diagnostics, particularly on the basis of easily accessible body fluids such as saliva, sweat or urine. Technology integration leads to specialised, low-cost sensor elements. The systems can be used directly on the patient to determine parameters such as pH value, lactate level, glucose, the concentration of various ions and others. CSEM develops customised solutions for industrial partners.


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