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Production of Blisters under Clean-Room Conditions

Our challenge is to create medical blisters that meet the most stringent of demands. We specialise in producing high quality medical blisters at economical rates, in quantities ranging from short runs to large series.

To manage this production our company has class 7 and 8 clean rooms which comply with ISO 14644-1, and qualified thermoforming machines.

The standard assortment of blister packs, Type Babuschka, with 6 sizes that fit inside one another and 6 different height systems, was developed so that customers can introduce their product on the market at short notice and without an enormous amount of testing effort.

Our standard Blister Pack Carriers (Clean Tray) is universal use for small parts of any kind.

All blisters are subjected to a 100 percent visual inspection, double-packaged, and then labelled to ensure seamless traceability.

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