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Production, printing and folding of package inserts

Whether IFU, package insert, patient information or instructions for use: we are experts in all aspects of creating, printing and folding your package inserts.


Instructions for use that could hardly be any smaller: after printing with food-safe inks, the leaflets are folded down to the final format of 38 × 36 mm by means of a folding technique that is unique in the world (belt press combined with water groove). Since it is folded very flat, the package insert fits into almost any packaging, no matter how small.

Medical technology:
After printing on specially certified India paper (40 g / m2) in various languages, this product is folded down to the appropriate format. Following production, three leaflets can be compiled into a set, for example, with the help of a special wrapping machine. This extends the range of services relating to the production of package inserts that are tailored to customers’ needs.

Pharmaceutical industry:
Not everything in this world is black and white, and neither are our package inserts: we also offer our customers colored package inserts. What’s more, our folding machine has been equipped with a camera system specifically for this product that checks each sheet to ensure that this is correct.

  • Printing methods
    Rotary offset. Sheet-fed offset. Digital printing
  • Paper
    Certified pharmaceutical paper : 40 – 60 g / m2. Medical paper: 50 g / m2. Coated/uncoated papers: 50 – 150 g / m2
  • Printing methods
    Rotary offset. Sheet-fed offset. Digital printing
  • Print formats
    Maximum print format: 980 × 660 mm, Minimum print format: 105 × 105 mm
  • Color scheme
    Single-/multi-colour. Pantone. Scale (CMYK)
  • Folding formats
    Maximum folding format (open): 560 × 900 mm. Minimum folding format (open): 105 × 105 mm. Minimum folding format (folded): 25 × 30 mm
  • Types of fold
    Cross fold. Zig-zag. Letterfold. Combined folds



Adhesive Binding:
Booklets with more than 120 pages normally have an adhesive binding, in other words, the pages are held together with special glue. There is a wide range of formats and options for booklets with adhesive bindings too, for example, a coated paper can be used instead of India paper.

The classic way to produce booklets with more than 8 pages is wire-stitching. With this method, the sheets are stitched together with one or two staples (depending on the format).

Wiro Binding:
One rarely used, but no less popular way to produce booklets is to use Wiro binding. With this method, the booklet is perforated in a specific manner and the pages are held together by a metal or plastic spiral.

  • Paper:
    Certified pharmaceutical paper: 40 – 60 g / m2. Medical paper: 50 g / m2. Coated/uncoated papers: 50 – 150 g / m2, Cover 50 – 350 g / m2
  • Printing methods:
    Rotary offset. Sheet-fed offset. Digital printing
  • Print formats:
    Maximum print format: 980 × 660 mm.Minimum print format: 105 × 105 mm
  • Color scheme:
    Single-/multi-colour, Pantone, Scale (CMYK)
  • Final formats:
    Maximum folding format (open): 297 × 420 mm. Minimum folding format (folded): portrait: 58 × 89 mm. Landscape: 80 × 40 mm
  • Binding types:
    Back-stitching, WIRO, Adhesive binding



User Interface:
Our e-IFU portal has a number of different functions that can be extended or modified as required. For example, outdated versions of instructions for use can be archived or products structured according to certain criteria.

Protected access:
Various logins let you decide just which users can see and/or edit certain content. And we can guarantee the safe transmission of your data thanks to HTTPS encryption.

Flip book:
In addition to being available for download, your instructions for use can be viewed online in flipbook format. The final user also has the opportunity to download only those parts of the flip book they need.

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