Service Highlight

Production Technologies for MedTech

CSEM offers its customers a wide range of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. These range from cooperative robotics, precise automated handling of liquids to comprehensive quality control.

Challenge: Automation

CSEM offers a wide range of manufacturing technologies in the MedTech industry. It takes into account the trend towards ever higher quality requirements with maximum efficiency in production. CSEM solutions have been used by many customers in manufacturing for many years.


Challenging solutions for process automation are developed and, if desired, implemented on a turnkey basis. From the study to the complete plant.

Handling systems

Precise manufacturing requires accurate handling of the smallest parts or quantities of liquids. Suitable grippers for parts up to < 1mm, pipetting systems for dosing or additive processes, logistics systems: CSEM's long-standing speciality is supporting customers in implementing their specific requirements.

Quality and process control

Multi-sensor-based monitoring of the manufacturing process and systems is a core competence of CSEM. Industry-proven experience with new approaches from data analysis with neural networks is used at the customer.