Service Swiss Medtech Expo 2021

Quality advice and guaranteed supply lines

How does SCHNEEBERGER manage to engage its customers, and enthuse them again and again, technologically and economically? Let’s take a closer look at our core competencies and our most important process phases.

Phase 1: Consulting
Every day, we see new applications and develop creative linear technology solutions for a multitude of projects. We offer this wealth of experience back to our customers. The earlier we are involved in the planning phase of a new product, the more successful we are in integrating corresponding synergies into the system. Experience our consulting knowhow yourself! Our local sales engineers are happy to meet with you to discuss your plans, with no commitment to you.

Phase 2: Concept development
During this phase, we create value for our customers by working with them to create the optimal solution for their challenges. Our engineers are quick to develop intelligent concepts that fit our customers’ needs, thus ensuring that there are no surprises in the production phase. 

Phase 3: Production
The technical excellence of SCHNEEBERGER is best seen in the highly precise manufacture of structural parts and in the assembly of components. Where precision and consistency in linear technology determine our customers’ competitive advantage, we leave nothing to chance. In our special workspaces, we assemble cleanroom and vacuum applications up to cleanroom class 1000 (ISO 6).

Phase 4: Logistics
Reliability of supply is key to our customers, especially those in strongly cyclical market environments. We strive to take this into account as much as possible through stability – stability in production, in planning and in quality. Our sophisticated logistical processes ensure precise and reliable deliveries when assembling customer products. 

Phase 5: Support
When we work well together during consulting and conception, during production and logistics, then you will hardly need our support. That said, SCHNEEBERGER quality also includes flawless customer service, with special attention given to open and expedient communication. We stand at our customers’ side with the greatest expertise and commitment during all five process phases. SCHNEEBERGER does not just stand for technical excellence, it also stands for quality advice and guaranteed lines of supply.