RUDOLF Medical: Ideally positioned for UDI and MDR

RUDOLF Medical GmbH was on the lookout for the most suitable technology in the course of the dispute with the UDI regulations. In this example, you will learn which solution the company is using to set the laser as the standard of the future and is optimally positioned for UDI and MDR.

Founded in 1950, RUDOLF Medical GmbH + Co. KG has belonged for almost 70 years to the cluster of medical technology companies in the Tuttlingen area, of which today there are some 450. The family-run firm has just under 80 employees at two locations in Fridingen. The products manufactured by means of traditional metal working include surgical instruments for open and minimally invasive surgery, especially tissue scissors, but also clamps and surgical needles, endoscopes, and electronic medical equipment.

Laser as the standard of the future for marking surgical scissors and instruments

When facing the UDI regulations and searching for the most suitable technology, RUDOLF Medical's decision to work with FOBA was straightforward. According to Gerhard Faßbinder, it was clear as early as after the first consultations:

"For us there is no alternative to the laser marking solutions of FOBA. The technical concept of a camera-based marking process was crucial for us and has so far been worth it. As the camera is located inside the laser, we do not have to take the marked parts out of the housing or otherwise move them for validation."

RUDOLF Medical marks medical instruments with FOBA M-series fiber laser marking systems. This is done with conviction,as the marking lasers with integrated imaging meet the toughrequirements of medical device marking. Important factors are the serialized marking of permanently legible UDI codes and an economic, slim, and reliable marking process, based on a laserintegrated camera control system.

The laser marking stations of the FOBA M-Series boast a camera integrated into the marking head and have proven themselves to be ideally suited the latest requirements. It is highly likely they will completely replace the chemical etching process that has also been employed up to now, because changing data matrix codes can only be applied with laser technology.

RUDOLF Medical is ideally positioned for UDI and MDR thanks to camera-based laser marking solutions and comprehensive services.

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