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Surface Technology for Medical Device Production

Metallic devices for the medical devices industry require qualified and certified processes such as anodizing, passivation, electropolishing and laser etching following the latest regulations. Niklaus LNI SA provides expertise and services from conception to production of OEM projects.

Niklaus LNI SA offers state of the art surface technology services... electrochemical finishing combined with expertise in nano, femto and other laser technologies for the medical deivces manufacturing industry. The company is certified ISO 13485 and is active in this field since more than 30 years.


Specific expertise:

  • Laser etching (texturising, engraving) of PEEK and metallic parts
  • Laser etching that resists passivation and chemical processes
  • Electropolishing of aluminum and steel parts
  • Passivation of titanium and steel parts
  • Anodizing of aluminium, titanium, tantalum parts (including gray AMS 2488 Type II).
  • Plating (Gold, Palladium, Silver, Nickel...)


As part of Swiss High Tech Manufacturing - a group composed with Swiss Tube (precision tubes) and Boninchi (turned products), Niklaus LNI SA offers the possibility of completing complex medical product development for OEM's accross the world.


Why our customers work with us?

  • Established supply chain partner (70 employees)
  • Swiss and industrial standard quality (ISO 13485)
  • >99.5% yield for medical devices processing 
  • OTD performance