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SXoM Starter Kit by Solectrix

From the idea to product development? The SXoM Starter Kit enables fast, low-risk and high-performance entry into product development with System-on-Modules.

New: The SXoM Starter Kit from Solectrix

The system-on-module package for a fast, risk-minimized and powerful entry into product development

As an innovative development service provider in embedded systems engineering, Solectrix offers a selection of its own products beyond just services. This portfolio within the current product catalog also includes specially developed System-on-Modules.

These modules embody state-of-the-art processor and memory technology, opening up new possibilities for direct entry into development. Due to the many years of experience of our engineers, problems such as the integration of EMC-critical components or the layout guidance of high-frequency signals are adequately implemented in the modules. The use of such modules allows a risk-minimized entry into product development.

The SXoM MS2-K7 from Solectrix's System-on-Module family relies on a Xilinx Zynq-7000 Series SoC. This powerful chipset allows the implementation of real-time applications with high demands on data throughput, up to the processing of 4K video streams.

For a rapid product development start Solectrix offers the new SXoM Starter Kit, which contains the SXoM MS2-K7 itself alongside the Congatec evaluation carrier board conga-SEVAL, a matching ATX power supply, two heat sink variants, a DVI adapter and a complete cable set. As part of the package, Solectrix also provides a suitable embedded Linux BSP. Existing FPGA IP cores facilitate the path to VHDL design, and our development team is available to assist with implementation and integration with the customer-specific application.

As a member of the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGET), Solectrix uses the SMARC standard for this module. The definition of the dimensions of the module, the placement of the mounting holes and the assignment of the connector, including the available interfaces, allow a smooth start into the development. Numerous carrier boards compliant with this standard are available on the market.

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