The importance of humidity in cleanrooms environment

Whether semiconductor production, medical and pharmaceutical research or nanotechnology: In clean rooms and special laboratories, the guarantee of permanently constant air humidity is a necessary condition for maintaining high and highest process standards.

Air humidification and dehumidification for the medtech and pharmaceutical industries

Tablets, pills, ampoules, ointments, creams and gels as well as stents, catheters and blood sugar sensors are supposed to heal. Therefore, they must not be contaminated with dirt, germs or spores. At the same time, the raw materials for drugs require certain environmental conditions in order to retain their effectiveness and consistency. Many drugs are already manufactured in clean room environments today.

But even where the conditions are not quite so strict, the following applies: Uniform temperature and constant relative humidity are necessary in order to guarantee the high quality of the end products.

When hot steam humidifies the air, it kills most bacteria and germs on the side. Adiabatic systems with appropriate hygiene concepts also ensure odorless, sterile humidification. Precise controllability always keeps the moisture content of the air constant.

Dehumidification in tablet presses

Production and processing processes in the pharmaceutical industry have always been associated with special requirements: This also applies to the manufacture of tablets. Even the raw materials require constant environmental parameters in order to maintain their effectiveness. Finally, in order to avoid the risk of the tablets being contaminated with dirt particles, germs or spores during the manufacturing process, a relative humidity in the range of 35 - 50 percent at air temperatures of 21 - 27 degrees Celsius is optimal.


Our tailor-made systems offer professional solutions for air humidification and dehumidification for every room size and condition. Because professional planning is the basis for functional quality and energy efficiency, we are happy to assist you in the planning phase.