Product Highlight

V.0071-gr | V.0141-gr Green Marking Lasers

"Cool" marking technology: 7- or 14-Watt Vanadate laser with 532 nm wavelength provides high accuracy and speed for the marking of demanding substrates.

With the "green lasers“ (532 nm wavelength), FOBA offers marking systems with low heat impact. The new vanadate laser sources are available with 7- or 14-watt laser power. Providing outstanding speed and accuracy, they mark substrates that do not show satisfactory marking results using other wavelengths. The materials affected include many white and transparent plastics, glass surfaces, highly reflective metals, or combined material parts.

Also red or orange plastic surfaces, which often only allow for poor marking contrasts due to existing color properties, obtain perfectly legible codes and characters. On special plastics such as UHMWPE, HDPE or PMMA, the marking quality achieved is impressive just as well. The green laser also makes laser additives unnecessary in most cases.

The FOBA V.0071-gr and FOBA V.0141-gr marking systems close the gap between UV (355 nm)- and fiber (1,064 nm)-laser systems and address the most challenging marking applications.

Product benefits

Smooth power for special substrates

Wether in line or integrated in a production cell, the green laser proves an extended range of applicability. So that critical surfaces remain intact while obtaining high quality marks.

FOBA workflow included

The green lasers can be easily operated with FOBA's full workflow package: Upstream part inspection, precise automated mark alignment and verification of the marked characters, enabled by the integrated camera.

Outstanding marking speed

The extended power levels of 7 or 14 watts optimally support the vanadat laser. The marking speeds achieved enable tight cycle times and high throughputs. 

Additive-free laser marking

Plastic additives for the optimization of laser absorption become superfluous. Thus, the green laser reduces costs and manufacturing efforts for the material.

Long life laser source

The vanadate laser source demonstrates an above-average service life. This results in low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) throughout machine operation time.

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