Product Swiss Medtech Expo 2021


The WORKSTATION laser system from PHOTON ENERGY GmbH impresses with its individual application options and user-friendliness as an ideal tool for UDI- and MDR-compliant product marking in medical technology.

Thanks to its innovative design, the WORKSTATION offers an ergonomic sitting or standing workstation and is ideally suited for small to medium-sized components thanks to the large, side-opening semi-automatic door.

Due to the individual application possibilities, intuitive operation and user-friendliness, the WORKSTATION convinces as a compact all-round talent. It can be integrated into existing production lines as a stand-alone system and also offers a wide range of automation options.

The WORKSTATION is particularly suitable for use in the medical industry in combination with our CEPHEUS ultrashort pulse laser. We have developed a special process for the high demands placed on marking processes in medical technology: PERMAblack - the corrosion-resistant and viewing angle-independent black marking! 

"Proper black marking" only works with an ultrashort pulse laser. Laser pulses of the picosecond laser are extremely short, so that the surrounding material does not heat up. This is why the term "cold marking" is used. A local change in the microstructure or even local hardening of the material, as often occurs with classic annealing inks, is not to be expected here. The fracture strength of mechanically loaded components remains completely intact with ps-marking. Together with our unique process, we achieve a rich blackening of the surface with very low heat influence on the material. This so-called black marking process creates nanostructural changes on the surface of the metal in which the incident light is absorbed.

In this way, UDI and MDR compliant markings can be achieved on medical devices that are not only clearly legible and high contrast but also resistant to sterilization and cleaning processes, acids, water and corrosion.

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