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3D Druck Tech AG is the first name that pops up when it comes to additive manufacturing for dental laboratories. Bringing the fully digital workflow to the dental sector with cutting edge processes and innovative solutions.

Offer: Service classes (6)
Further post-processing, surfaces
Design of parts for additive manufacturing
Engineering services
Product development
Reverse engineering
Topology optimization
Production of custom machines
Engineering of tools with conformal cooling
Application development
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Michael C. Oehl


Uniting industrial knowledge with specialists from the dental sector guarantees innovative products with the highest precision. Making the future in dental laboratories a reality with multiple years of experience in the field and refined process safety.

Utilizing our midentur® brand, we aim to open the door for dental laboratories into the world of additive manufucturing:


General Information
Company size
1-10 employees
Founded in
Dornach, Switzerland

Werbhollenstrasse 52
4143 Dornach
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