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TopCoat is a specialist in surface finishing. The special expertise lies in the refinement of plastic surfaces.

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Further equipment post-processing, surfaces
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The company, which has been focusing on high product quality and innovation since 1993, is one of the leading providers in Switzerland. Our in-house creative team researches, develops and produces outstanding ideas for realistic series production. With a new production site in Däniken,  high-performance technology and motivated employees, TopCoat brings your product vision to market.


TopCoat manufactures in its own production and offers everything from a single source

From research & development to procurement, production and delivery: a building complex consisting of a research and development centre with coating systems for small and large series production was erected on the 1,500 square metre production park on Industriestrasse 20 in Däniken in the Swiss midlands.

Whether hearing aids, watches, coffee machines, automobiles, white and brown goods or medical technology: Plastic finishing is our core business. And this for over 20 years. Produce your surface vision.




  • TopCoat specialises in the application of surfaces with liquid and gaseous media.
  • TopCoat thus enriches your product with the property that it needs for perfect function in its property.
  • From classic anti-stick coating to conductive surfaces or seamlessly applied artwork: A variety of suitable applications including a high-performance production line are available for series production.


  • TopCoat has profound expertise for the perfect finishing of your products.
    This makes your product rougher, smoother, brighter, more colourful or more handy.
  • In addition to any surface definition, TopCoat ensures special durability, conductivity or conformity - for example for the medical sector.
  • The best way to find out which process suits you best is to use your own product. In test series, TopCoat considers the condition of the product surface and adjusts the substrate material to the desired result.

Shape & Design

  • TopCoat ensures that your products can be processed smoothly in series production.
  • TopCoat ensures close networking between production, mould making and design specialists.
  • Long before production, designers give you ideas on how best to apply graphic applications with the extensive possibilities of TopCoat.
  • TopCoat manufactures test series in qualitatively and economically appealing production forms and manufactures deep-drawn parts to your budget.
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Founded in
Däniken, Switzerland
Top Coat GmbH

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