Innovation Symposium: Smart packaging solutions

Features of smart packaging solutions include simple traceability, anti-microbial surfaces and diffusion-open plastics. Attend the Innovation Symposium at the Swiss Medtech Expo to learn how you can generate added value with smart packaging.

The Innovation Symposium conveys expert knowledge – gained from practice, for use in practice. On Wednesday, 11 September 2019, experts will be speaking from 11:45 am to 1:15 pm about the background and projects currently underway in the field of "Smart packaging solutions".


  • Kombinationsprodukte – Anforderungen und Herausforderungen
    Vincenzo Carrieri, Blue Medical AG
  • Intelligente Verpackungslösungen – praxiserprobte Simulation
    Raimund Erdmann, Erdmann Design AG
  • Verpacken mit 4-Achs-Robotic zellularer Fertigung
    Andreas Harb, Inhaber Productus GmbH
  • Methodenkompetenz zur Entwicklung innovativer Verpackungen
    Matthias Schellenberg, Suisse Technology Partners
  • Neuartiges pulmonales Applikationssystem
    Matteo Trisoglio, Perlen Packaging AG
  • Optische Messungen in der Medizintechnik & Pharmazie
    Robert Winkler, Alicona



Some presentations will be held in German.