Trend topics in medical technology illustrates how new technologies and solutions lead to innovation in the medtech industry. In the trend topics, you get inputs for your own projects.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing, also called 3D printing, has large potential for medical applications: acceleration of product development, small series production, patient specific solutions and much more. This topic discusses this potential.

Efficiency and cost effectiveness

The pressure on margins is increasing and topics like efficiency and cost effectiveness become more important for medical technology companies. In this topic, you get to know approaches how to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the current buzzword in production. However, what does it mean in the context of medical technology? This is the question of the topic Industry 4.0.

Innovative Materials

Various new materials, such as ceramics or fiber composites, enable new applications in medical technology. Get inspired by the many applications in this topic.

Innovative Surfaces

New surface technologies find their way into medical technologies, e.g. to improve the ingrowth of implants. Discover new technologies and their applications in this topic.

Internet of things and connectivity

How to connect medical devices to the internet? Which opportunities and challenges does this created? How to handle patient data? Get input around these and further questions in this topic.

Plastics in medical technology

The importance of plastics in medical technology is increasing. However, regulatory requirements make their use challenging. Understand how you can use the full potential of plastics in this topic.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory requirements are constantly increasing – especially with the new medical device regulation (MDR). In this topic, you can find input how to address these new requirements.

Smart design & engineering

How can the performance of medical products be improved through design and engineering? That is the question of this topic.

Time to market

The innovation cycles become faster and time-to-market more important. Discover in this topic, how you can launch your products and services faster.

Further innovative solutions

Further solutions and technologies enable innovation in medical technology. Get inspired by various applications of the exhibitors at this point.

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