abovo AG

abovo AG

Short description

Your partner for ESD protection and cleanroom products.

Standards, Products, Services

  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • P Further electronics and sensors
  • P Equipment for labs
  • P Products for clean rooms
  • P Furniture for labs
  • P Furniture for doctor’s offices and hospitals
  • P Disposables for the OR
  • P Disposables for the care unit
  • P Disposables for labs
  • P Other disposables
  • P Disinfection
  • P Waste disposal
  • P Cleaning devices and systems
  • P Sterilization
  • P Other hygiene and waste disposal products
  • P Apparel

About us

We sell ESD and cleanroom products. We offer a wide range of high quality products at reasonable prices and with fast delivery. We always aspire to understand our customers needs and offer the perfect and right solution for them.

Thanks to our extensive experience and know-how regarding ESD and cleanroom environments, we are even able to provide you with consumables which fulfill both, ESD and cleanroom requirements.

We are an independent, customer-oriented distribution company. Therefore, we are not limited by any boundaries regarding product trading. Our dynamic and authentic company spirit has been and will be our foundation for many successful long-term partnerships with customers as well suppliers.