Amsler & Frey AG

Short description

TECHNICAL PLASTIC PARTS WITH ADDED VALUE -> Machined Parts - Assemblies- 3D Print - Semi-finished products

Standards, Products, Services

  • P Further standard parts medical technology
  • P Milling machines
  • P Turning machines
  • P Powder bed processes plastic (SLS, MJF, etc.)
  • P Binder Jetting
  • P Standard plastics
  • P Engineering plastics
  • P High-performance plastic
  • P Semi-finished products
  • P Further plastics
  • P Further materials
  • P Plastics additive manufacturing
  • P Metals additive manufacturing
  • P Further materials additive manufacturing
  • P Milling tools
  • P Turning tools
  • P Elastomers, rubber
  • S 3D Scanning
  • S Consulting
  • S Consulting additive manufacturing
  • S Further services
  • S Processing of fibre composites
  • S Further contract manufacturing plastic
  • S Milling, turning, grinding
  • S Additive manufacturing plastics
  • S Additive manufacturing metals
  • S Rapid prototyping
  • S Assembly
  • S Alternative technologies

About us

Amsler & Frey AG is a professional and forward-thinking Swiss partner for providing technical plastic parts that offer clear benefits for a wide range of customers, thanks to their quality, efficiency and added value. 

Whether 3D printed, machined, milled, turned... Plastics (also sustainable variants) have been our passion for 55 years!