Antonius Köster GmbH & Co. KG

Short description

Are you looking for the right solution for your product development? Or do you need support because your own technical possibilities are exhausted? We offer products, services and consulting for tasks where "normal" CAD/CAM systems fail.

Standards, Products, Services

  • P CAD software
  • P 3D Scanners
  • P Further measuring devices, scanners, quality control
  • P 3D Scan Software
  • P CAD / CAM systems
  • P Measuring and documentation software
  • S 3D Scanning
  • S Engineering services
  • S Design of parts for additive manufacturing
  • S Reverse engineering
  • S Measuring, 3D scanning
  • S Consulting additive manufacturing
  • S Workshops
  • S Further quality assurance

About us

From 0 to digital – we show you how you can digitize your still manual process.

We offer the products of Artec 3D, 3D Systems, HP, etc. and have specialized in the processing of organic shapes, as they are the rule in medicine, orthopedic technology, art and ergonomics.

Our team analyses the actual need for technology and know-how and offers not only hardware and software components, but also actively participates in the development of new process chains.

We offer you the most powerful combination for your workflow.

Artec Eva & Artec Space Spider are the professional solutions for 3D scanning! The operation is intuitive and easy to learn.

The Artec Leo - the novelty is the first self-sufficient 3D scanner. With built-in battery, touch screen and wireless connection, it lets you work even easier and faster.

Geomagic Freeform/Freeform Plus - an entire workshop in one software package. From scan to finished product. The tools correspond to the known modelling methods and the input device lets you feel the object real. Use your manual skills and experience with the advantages of digital production!

With the Artec scanners you receive precise data for your planning and production. Geomagic Freeform allows you to derive and customize shapes. The goals of using the new technologies are an increase in productivity, reproducibility and the possibility of using CNC technology and 3D printing processes.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.