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Innovation and sustainable progress: CSEM is a private, non-profit Swiss research and technology organization focused on generating value for a sustainable world.

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CSEM June 25, 2021
Service Highlight

Personalised health care - Solutions for our future

Digital Health - Biotech - Diagnostics. CSEM develops technologies for these key areas and transfers them to the industrial sector. This paves the way towards personlised health care.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2021

CSEM June 25, 2021

Aktiia - The revolution in monitoring blood pressure

CSEM has developed an optical method for measuring blood pressure: the revolutionary technology was commercialised as a medical product by the company Aktiia at the beginning of 2021.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2021

CSEM June 25, 2021

Personalized skin grafts - at large scale

denovoSkin™ from CUTISS AG is on its way to becoming a revolutionary therapy for large skin defects (e.g. due to burns). The treatment is carried out with "personalised tissue". The production of such transplants on a large scale has now been achieved with denovoCast from CSEM.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2021

CSEM July 2, 2019

Revolution in monitoring hypertension by new technologies

High blood pressure is a serious disease that can cause great damage in secret. A disruptive technology is now well on the way to replacing the over 100-year-old measuring method: Optical blood pressure measurement for continuous measurement without a pressure cuff.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2019

CSEM June 18, 2019
Service Highlight

Production Technologies for MedTech

CSEM offers its customers a wide range of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. These range from cooperative robotics, precise automated handling of liquids to comprehensive quality control.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2019

CSEM June 18, 2019
Service Highlight

Research and Development for the Industry

CSEM is the partner for industry. CSEM develops a wide range of applied technologies that support industry in the ambitious innovation process. CSEM acts as service provider in a flexible way.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2019

CSEM June 18, 2019

Digital Health: For our future

The non-invasive measurement of vital parameters is an important building block for a healthy lifestyle and personalized medicine. Whether measuring blood pressure or ovulation occlusion: Learn more about a generation of wearables that opens up new possibilities in the field of "Digital Health".

Swiss Medtech Expo 2019

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About us

About CSEM

Managing and fostering innovation to convert groundbreaking basic research into advanced processes, leading to innovative products and helping industry and society prepare for the future.



CSEM’s success story began in the early 1980s as a result of the visionary plans of the Swiss Confederation: Switzerland—the early 1980s. There is a real concern that the country is losing ground to its neighbors when it comes to new technologies. But the federal council has a visionary plan. It creates a private research and development center, and in 1984 the CSEM success story begins. 

Mission & Vision

CSEM’s mission is to develop and transfer world-class (micro) technologies to the industrial sector—Switzerland being our priority—in order to reinforce the sector’s competitive advantage. We do this by:

  • Making cooperation agreements with established companies
  • Encouraging the creation of start-ups.



CSEM is a research and technology organization (RTO) and a public–private partnership.



Building alliances and strategic partnerships is vital to coping with the fast pace of technological innovation and product development cycles. Members of our extensive network of academic, research, and industrial partners in Switzerland and aboard make vital contributions to our activities. Alliances and partnerships leverage broad research efforts and developments in applied technology. 

Start-ups or joint-ventures based on CSEM technologies contribute to the economic vitality of Switzerland and of established and emerging industries. Their creation is a way of valorizing CSEM’s research programs and those of its academic and research partners. It’s also part of CSEM’s mission, figuring in the service contract established between the center and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).