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As your qualified partner in EMC and Safety testing for your medical electrical equipment, EMC-Testcenter helps you to achieve conformity and certifications for the national and international access to the market.

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As a national (SAS) and international (IECEE) accredited testing laboratory we provide Safety, EMC and Photobiological Safety Testing under one roof.

Our Safety Lab is specialized in the product categories Medical, Laboratory including IVD and IT-equipment.

We feature the only CB accredited laboratory for testing the photobiological safety in Switzerland.

We are capable to measure the acoustic emission and the power consumption of appliances and we can perform climate treatments under our SAS accreditation.

The two anechoic chambers of our EMC laboratory contain a 10 meter and a 3 meter accredited test site. These give us the ability to test medical products according to all local and international requirements, particularly Korea and Japan as well.

As another distinct feature, we have expanded our competencies in the field of radio approval (e.g. WiFi, BLE, GSM, RFID, NFC) over the last years.

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EMC-Testcenter Ag
Moosäckerstrasse 77
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