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Each year, companies and professions specializing in watchmaking and jewellery, microtechnologies and medical technologies meet in Geneva for the world’s largest high precision trade show. Find out more about what the trade show can do for you and the services it offers.

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The only trade show in the world which brings together in one place, at the heart of Europe, all high-precision skills in the areas of watchmaking and jewelry, microtechnology and medical technology

Swiss watchmaking expertise has inspired the world of high precision. This trade show was born out of this realization, with the aim of developing synergies between high-precision technology professions

  • The large number of major innovations presented across all sectors
  • A breeding ground for high-potential startups welcomed in advantageous conditions
  • More than 800 exhibitors from some twenty countries
  • 20,000 professional visitors from all continents
  • 96% of exhibitors recognize the quality of professional visitors
  • More than three-quarters of exhibitors close deals, thanks to the trade show
  • Lots of deals and partnerships concluded between exhibitors from the different sectors
  • A forum for ideas and prominent guests where the future of high precision is defined

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 Shirin Schnitzeler

Shirin Schnitzeler

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