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epmodex GmbH is your leading partner for development, manufacturing and registration of medical and industrial products in high-end applications. Whether prototypes or finished products in small- and large series: epmodex stands for highest precision, optimal solutions and a reliable partnership.

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Offers, Brands, Standards

  • P High-performance plastic
  • P Materials
  • P Semi-finished products
  • P Fibre composites
  • P Stainless steel
  • P Tool steel
  • P Special steel
  • P Titanium
  • P Aluminum
  • P Special alloys
  • P Semi-finished metal profiles
  • P Plastics additive manufacturing
  • P Metals additive manufacturing
  • P Measurement sensors
  • P Measuring devices, scanners, quality control
  • S 3D Scanning
  • S Consulting, engineering, data generation
  • S Further services development
  • S Product development
  • S Engineering services
  • S Engineering of tools with conformal cooling
  • S Mold- and toolmaking
  • S Design of parts for additive manufacturing
  • S Reverse engineering
  • S Simulation (FEM, process simulation, etc.)
  • S Injection molding tools
  • S Tools with conformal cooling
  • S Tools for fiber-reinforced plastics
  • S Multi-component injection molding tools
  • S Prototyping
  • S Contract manufacturing
  • S Clean room production
  • S Industrial computed tomography
  • S Quality assurance
  • S material testin
  • S Metallography
  • S Microscopic material analysis
  • S Measuring, 3D scanning
  • S Technical cleanliness
  • S Technology development
  • S Research and development
  • S Material development
  • S Application development
  • S Consulting
  • S Consulting additive manufacturing
  • S Certification
  • S Services for manufacturers
  • S Workshops
  • S Entire systems
  • S Packaging
  • S Documentation
  • S Patents & IP
  • S Registration of medical devices
  • S Further services for manufacturers
  • S Contract research and development
  • S Marketing / sales services
  • S Printing
  • S Further quality assurance
  • S Injection molding thermoplastics
  • S Multicomponent injection molding
  • S Further injection molding
  • S Pressing
  • S Extrusion
  • S Processing of fibre composites
  • S Production of materials (compounding, etc.)
  • S Further contract manufacturing plastic
  • S Milling, turning, grinding
  • S Laser processing
  • S Casting
  • S Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
  • S Forging, punching, bending
  • S Water jet cutting
  • S Further contract manufacturing metal
  • S Additive manufacturing plastics
  • S Additive manufacturing metals
  • S Further contract manufacturing
  • S Heat treatment
  • S Post-processing, surfaces
  • S Surface treatment
  • S Surface coating
  • S Surface cleaning
  • S Sterilisation
  • S Further post-processing, surfaces
  • S Surface testing
  • S Part testing
  • S Equipment manufacturing
  • S Engineering of packaging solutions
  • S Packaging
  • S Production of packaging
  • S Primary and secundary packaging
  • S Printing of labels and leaflets
  • S Steril and low contamination packaging
  • S Further packaging
  • S Hot runner injection molding tools
  • S Extrusion tools
  • S Clinical trials
  • S Consulting lean management
  • S Rapid prototyping
  • S Printing, marking
  • S Assembly
  • S Recycling

About us

First, we supported many OEM- partner companies and their projects with the experience in consulting and engineering services. Today, after more then 10 years in the market, we develop and manufacture highly innovative medical device projects and are the leading partner to implement serial product quantities for market release. In addition, we work hand-in-hand with our clients during their market implementation and we support them with logistics, marketing and sales services.

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Flüelastrasse 31A
8047 Zürich

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 Martin Epper

Martin Epper

Managing Director

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E-MBA, Dipl. Ing. Samuel Keller

E-MBA, Dipl. Ing. Samuel Keller

Business Development Manager

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