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Health Tech Cluster Switzerland

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HTCS provides a network for companies, universities, research institutions and investors. HTCS is personalized - immediate - individual.

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Health Tech Cluster Switzerland brings together companies from medical technology, pharmaceuticals and biotech, diagnostics and healthcare, combining their interests to increase value creation.

HTCS’s members and partners span the entire value chain of health technology.

- Research

- Suppliers

- Manufacturers (medical technology, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotech)

- Traders and distributors

- Healthcare providers (i.a. hospitals, clinics)

- Specialized service providers (i.a. engineering, advisers, investors)

- Start-ups

- Payers

- Associations and clusters

- Regulators


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Herrengasse 34
6430 Schwyz

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 Stefan Leuthold

Stefan Leuthold

Cluster Manager

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Dr. Patrick Dümmler

Dr. Patrick Dümmler

Cluster Manager

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