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For over 100 years, the largest independent oil blending company in Switzerland with its headquarters in Langenthal, in the heart of Switzerland, has been active in research, development and production of innovative lubricants and chemicals, which are established on the world market.

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  • P Further products
  • P Further products
  • P Further products for mold and tool making
  • P Products for mold and tool making
  • P Further equipment metal processing
  • P Equipment metal processing
  • P Further tools, products for subtractive manufacturing
  • P Tools, products for subtractive manufacturing

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Highly motivated employees are behind the incomparable MOTOREX products. Every day, experienced tribology specialists, engineers, chemists, technicians and marketing specialists devote their efforts to helping MOTOREX maintain its position as a market leader.

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Bern-Zürich-Strasse 31 Postfach
4901 Langenthal

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 Motorex AG Langenthal Industrie Schmiertechnik

Motorex AG Langenthal Industrie Schmiertechnik


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 Peter Oberli

Peter Oberli

Sales Manager at MOTOREX

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