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ProByLas AG offers machines and machine modules for plastic welding with laser. Thanks to their modularity, the ready-to-use Turnkey machines can be configured specifically to the parts to be welded and customer requirements. The small and compact Turnkey S is unique in its size and flexibility.

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ProByLas AG August 2, 2021

Diagnostic cartridges cleanly and precisely welded by laser

For the diagnosis of diseases, cartridges with fluidic channels for patient sample and reagents are used quickly and close to the patient (point-of-care) instead of in large central laboratories. The channels must be sealed tightly and cleanly, for which laser welding has proven successful.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2021

ProByLas AG August 2, 2021

Modula Assembly Inline for plastic welding of large series

The Modula product line for laser welding of plastics has been complemented by a process cell that can be easily integrated into a fully automated production line with e.g. transfer belt or large rotary indexing table.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2021

ProByLas AG July 26, 2021

Laser plastic welding: consulting, lab tests, small series

Laser welding of plastics, like any joining technique, has its own design rules to achieve good and reliable joints. Additionally to machines, ProByLas also offers support on the design of the plastic parts to weld in order to apply the laser process optimally.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2021

ProByLas AG August 15, 2019

Precise and clean joining of plastic parts

A consortium of medical technology companies, research institutes and end users set themselves the task of inserting a filter membrane into a multi-part plastic housing without damaging it. Learn how a precise and clean solution could be found with laser welding.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2019

ProByLas AG June 18, 2019

Turnkey S - modular machine for plastic welding

The "Turnkey S" is the smallest of the ready-for-use machines for laser welding of plastics. With its flexibility by modularity and its compact size it is unique on the market.

Swiss Medtech Expo 2019

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About us

ProByLas AG was founded in 2017 as a start-up with a long-time experience in plastic welding. The first machine types were presented in 2018 and introduced into the market.

Ready-for-use "Turnkey" machines are offered on the one hand and "Modula" machine components on the other, which can be integrated into a special machine by a machine builder.

Thanks to the modular design, the machines can be configured to suit the parts to be welded and the customer's requirements. Different lasers, optics for beam shaping, motion systems and clamping units are available and are configured by us for your welding task.

The optics for beam shaping are also modular again, so that different process types are possible:

  • contour process with a spot optic, which can optionally be equipped with a pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement,
  • quasi-simultaneous process with galvo scanner and sensors on clamping unit to detect the setting path during welding,
  • simultaneous process by special optics converting the laser beam into the geometry of the weld seam as e.g. ring optics, line optics, areal optics or diffractive optics (DOE),
  • circumferential welding with radial optics or by rotating the parts under spot optics,
  • welding by ball optics of foils, technical textiles or thin plates without clamping unit,
  • mask welding with line optics, which is passed over a shadow mask above the parts.

To test and evaluate the best welding process and machine for specific customer parts, tests with customer materials and parts are offered in the application laboratory. Welding trials with prototypes up to small series production before machine delivery are possible.