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Silcoplast AG sees itself as an OEM supplier of injection molded and pressed Silicone parts as well as a co-thinker in the development of processes to improve the products of its customers. Processing of Silicone (LSR & HTV), Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)

Offers, Brands, Standards

  • S 3D Scanning
  • S Consulting, engineering, data generation
  • S Product development
  • S Engineering services
  • S Design of parts for additive manufacturing
  • S Simulation (FEM, process simulation, etc.)
  • S Injection molding tools
  • S Mold- and toolmaking
  • S Tools with conformal cooling
  • S Multi-component injection molding tools
  • S Clean room production
  • S Contract manufacturing
  • S Application development
  • S Research and development
  • S Packaging
  • S Further quality assurance
  • S Quality assurance
  • S Injection molding thermoplastics
  • S Injection molding elastomers, rubber
  • S Multicomponent injection molding
  • S Further injection molding
  • S Further contract manufacturing plastic
  • S Further contract manufacturing
  • S Part testing
  • S Steril and low contamination packaging
  • S Packaging
  • S Further packaging
  • S Hot runner injection molding tools
  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • S ISO 13485:2016

About us

Silcoplast AG is a classic SME and has been in the field of silicone and thermoplastic processing for around 50 years. We can count medical,  food and companies of various industries to our long-time, appreciated customers and invest continuously in our main competence the injection molding of liquid silicone in 1- and 2K technology or the processing of solid silicone. Furthermore, we offer the production of silicone parts in cleanroom class 7 "in operation". We are similar with production of thermoplastic parts, also in 1- and 2K as well as in connection with silicone. The assembly of various part is our scope of services too.

As a member of the RICO Group we are able to offer everything from the development to the technical analysis of parts, all from one source.

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Silcoplast AG
Luchten 75
9427 Wolfhalden

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 Philipp Gaus

Philipp Gaus


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