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Treffert - Your specialist for functional masterbatches and compounds

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  • S ISO 14001:2004
  • S ISO 9001:2008
  • S ISO 50001:2011

About us

True to our motto “colour follows function”, Treffert is much more than a specialist in dyes in plastics. We offer a wide spectrum of plastics conditioning for the widest range of products and applications. Whether light blockers or diffusors, bio-plastics or plastics for the food industry– our laboratory is constantly developing individual solutions for precisely modifying the properties and functions of plastics. On the way to custom-fit solutions, we work on the solution with our eyes on the results until it meets the individual requirements 100%.

We are constantly focused on the needs of the professional plastics processing industry and develop product solutions that conform to the new procedures and methods in plastics processing. We operate our own laser technology centre where we can test our products against the requirements for laser welding and laser marking on six different lasers. Just ask about our options online or arrange an appointment with our application engineers in order to get advice about functions in plastics at your business offices.